A trio of Prince's mid-'90s projects – The Versace Experience: Prelude 2 Gold, Chaos and Disorder, and Emancipation – will see vinyl release for the first time on Friday. Below are previews of all three, courtesy of unboxing videos from a Prince fansite.

The clips were made by Casey Rain from the Violet Reality. Unlike a typical box set where there are all sorts of bonus items included, however, these consist only of the traditional album. The purple-vinyl discs look awesome, and it's cool to see the artwork blown up to full size, but that's really all there is to the Chaos and Disorder and Versace Experience reissues.

On the other hand, the Emancipation set is quite tantalizing: Artwork from the original three-disc set has been printed across six LPs and the inner and outer sleeves.




Steve Parke, who spent 13 years as the in-house artist at Paisley Park, returned to assist with this reissue series. He's uploaded some photos of his work to Facebook, giving fans new insight into the process.

"So happy to have been involved with these two projects, and it wasn’t easy," he wrote. "There were no digital files left for any of this. We had to build it from existing images and scans and reset the type in some cases after removing it on a scan of the cd art. We tried to imagine what it would be like if it was ever made into vinyl. Not an easy process. Sorry for still using ... unreadable fonts ... in a few places. Trying to rebuild true to the original."



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