The Time frontman Morris Day will soon be seen flexing his acting chops in a new episode of the IFC television show Sherman’s Showcase.

The sketch comedy series primarily spoofs music variety programs like Soul Train and Solid Gold. This episode’s plot focuses on the rise and fall of an artist by the name of Charade.

Charade’s talent, fashion choices, vocal style, ego and personae all clearly point to Prince as the character’s inspiration. In addition, the fictitious singer’s biggest hit is called "Vicki, is the Water Warm Enough" -- a slight tweak to a phrase found in the lyrics to "Computer Blue," a 1984 track from Prince’s Purple Rain soundtrack. Check out the video bellow for a clip of the Prince knock-off song.

For the Sherman’s Showcase episode, Day acts as the story’s narrator. Introduced as a "Living legend, Minnesotan," the singer expertly details Charade's story, while also finding time to turn the spotlight on himself.

At one point, Day briefly veers off subject and explains how he was originally cast as the lead in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, alleging that the '90s sitcom was initially based in Minneapolis. This humorous side story is steeped in some real Hollywood history. Producer Quincy Jones created a failed TV pilot for Day before enlisting Will Smith and evolving the project into Fresh Prince.

Jones makes a cameo in Sherman’s Showcase, as does sportscaster Curt Menefee.

Still, it’s Day who steals the show, displaying the charm and comedic timing that made him a memorable supporting player in Purple Rain. The “Behind the Charade” episode of Sherman’s Showcase premieres on IFC Wednesday, Aug. 7 at 10pm.


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