Paul "St. Paul" Peterson, who's been in both the Time and the Family, has released a new solo song, “Minne Forget Me Not," that's a tribute to his hometown of Minneapolis. It's one of a pair of tracks he's put out this year, and he plans to have out more this year.

As he explained on Facebook, "Minne Forget Me Not," which can be streamed below, started when he was working with his friend Leon J., who turned him on to "Philly Forget Me Not," a 2018 collaboration between Hall & Oates and Train written to promote their tour. They decided to rework it into a tribute to their own hometown, with Leon J. writing new lyrics and contributing the rap, while Peterson "had a ball putting a little #MplsSound into the production."

Upon its completion, Peterson sent it to Hall & Oates via a friend who plays in their band. Hall then invited Peterson to spend some time with him in South Carolina.

Peterson called "Minne Forget Me Not" the "appetizer to the main course," with another song about Minneapolis on the way. He added that he's six songs into a new album, although it's unknown if those two tracks, as well as “You Got 2 Love" -- a funky jam he put out earlier this year -- are slated for it. You can check out "You Got 2 Love" below.

In 1983, Prince hired Peterson to replace Monte Moir in the Time, and when that group broke up, Prince moved him over into a new project, the Family, where he played keyboards and shared lead vocal duties with Susannah Melvoin. Peterson has also worked as a backing musician for Dolly Parton, the Steve Miller Band and Peter Frampton, and fronts St. Paul and the Minneapolis Funk All Stars.


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