Liv Warfield is slated to release her new Prince-inspired song "Mantra" on Aug. 16.

Warfield, who collaborated extensively with Prince for a decade, says the song was initially intended for her third studio album. She was working on the project with Prince, and says the track immediately caught his attention, prompting Prince to tell Warfield that she "had something."

Warfield's project came to a halt, however, following Prince's untimely death in 2016. But she says she's ready now to release her work into the world.

"'Mantra' is my affirmation that releasing self-doubt and confronting issues that continue to plague us every day is the only way to move forward and to grow," Warfield says in a news release. "When my dreams are half-broken, and I can’t fly, the only thing left is to believe. ‘Mantra’ lets us all know it’s time to rise."

Warfield's relationship with Prince was sparked following the release of her debut album Embrace Me in 2006. Anchored by Warfield's vocal dexterity, the project caught Prince's attention, and she ended up joining the New Power Generation as a vocalist. Warfield toured with him from 2009-12; Prince then served as executive producer on her 2014 follow-up album The Unexpected.

"He influenced me, first and foremost, I can think as a performer, just kind of like taking chances first," Warfield told NPR in 2014. "And even in the writing and arranging, and him just teaching me how to really listen to the music. You know, he developed my ear."

"Mantra" will be available for pre-order on Aug. 3. She'll play a Paris show the day before.

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