A song purported to be Prince's unreleased 1977 demo "Neurotic Lover's Baby's Bedroom" has been uploaded to YouTube.

You can hear the six-minute track below for as long as it remains online.

There is no official confirmation that Prince is actually performing on the song, but according to the book Prince FAQ: All That's Left to Know About the Purple Reign, he recorded a track with that title at his then-manager Owen Hunsey's Loring Park rehearsal studio in the spring of 1977. These sessions reportedly yielded at least two other unreleased songs, "Hello, My Love" and "I Like What You're Doing."

According to PrinceVault, this marked the first time Prince used a drum machine, a tool that would later play an important role on songs such as "1999" and "When Doves Cry."

If the timeline is accurate, "Neurotic Lover's Baby's Bedroom" was recorded about a half a year before the sessions for his 1978 debut For You. Unlike the highly polished ballads and eager-to-please pop songs featured on that album, this track displays a very strong Parliament-Funkadelic influence.

Prince trades the sweet falsetto of his early records for a George Clinton-style spoken word delivery. At the two-minute mark, he unleashes a wild, extended guitar solo that makes even the one featured on 1979's "Bambi" seem tame. The risque lyrics, which at one point offer instructions on autoerotic asphyxiation, offer an early preview of the sexually charged subject matter he would tackle on future tracks such as "Head," "Sister" and "Darling Nikki."

Later this month, several dozen previously unreleased tracks from Prince's legendary vaults will make their way to the public legally as part of an expanded edition of 1987's Sign O' the Times.

Hear Prince's 'Neurotic Lover's Baby's Bedroom'


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