Divinity, the female white dove once owned by Prince, died Tuesday at age 28 following a recent, age-related health decline.

Paisley Park announced the bird's peaceful passing on Wednesday. Divinity was one of Prince's original doves kept at the complex, becoming a staple of tours and events.

"Divinity’s beautiful coo has welcomed visitors since Paisley Park first opened its gates to the public in October 2016," said Alan Seiffert, Executive Director of Paisley Park, in a statement. “She was one of the enduring links to Prince for thousands of fans. She will be missed.”

Her death follows the loss of Majesty, the male of Prince's dove duo, who passed away in 2017.

"Although the original doves have passed on, visitors to Paisley Park will continue to enjoy the warm greetings from a new generation of doves that will continue to grace Prince’s home," added Mitch Maguire, Paisley Park's Legacy Preservationist, in a statement.

Prince famously used dove imagery in his artwork and lyrics, including the words to "When Doves Cry." He also reportedly used Majesty in his video for 1992's "7," in which his then-future wife, Mayte, kisses a bird on the head and lets it fly through the room.

As The Current notes, both doves earned an album credit for Prince's song "Arboretum," which he recorded in the Paisley Park atrium for the 2002 One Nite Alone… album. Since the doves, which were kept in a cage positioned above, are audible in the track, Prince recognized them for "ambient singing" in the liner notes.

After Prince's 2016 death, his sister Tyka claimed that the doves stopped cooing — and didn't resume until someone started playing the Artist's music into the atrium.


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