A collection of music from Prince's vaults was released less than a year after his Prince's death in 2016. The six-song EP, called Deliverance, was initially available for purchase. However, a lawsuit was immediately filed by Prince's estate against the person who says he owns the masters.

According to Spin, the EP consists of material he recorded between 2006 and 2008. Apple Music subscribers could listen to the title track, a piece of social commentary with a strong gospel vibe, at the bottom of this post or check out the 54-second snippet that was uploaded to Facebook.

Deliverance is being released by the Rogue Music Alliance, an organization whose website consists of a box that says "RMA Logo Goes Here" and the slogan "Equity for Artists." Calling the EP the "unheard spiritual voice of Prince Rogers Nelson," they set up a since-deleted site where it could be bought on 320 kbps .mp3 for $6.99 or FLAC for $19.99. The EP was set to go on sale via iTunes the following Friday.

A Prince fansite says that another song, "I Am," which appears in a two-minute-24-second version and an extended take that runs nearly four minutes, is likely the same song that was recorded by blues guitarist Jonny Lang and Elisa Fiorillo, who sang backup on Prince's Batman, Graffiti Bridge and Diamonds and Pearls. Both records were produced by longtime Prince associate David Z, who co-wrote the tune with Prince.

KTSP in St. Paul is reporting that Prince's estate and Paisley Park have filed a federal lawsuit against George Ian Boxhill, an engineer and mixer, for control of the Deliverance tracks. They say that Boxhill has violated their contract by releasing the tracks, saying that he has no legal claim to ownership of the masters, and that he has refused all requests to return them to Paisley Park. The lawsuit estimates the value of the the recordings at more than $75,000.

Track Listing for Prince's 'Deliverance' EP
"I Am"
"Touch Me"
"Sunrise Sunset"
"No One Else"
"I Am" (extended)

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