Prince certainly is one for defying expectations -- and really, serves us right for having them in the first place. Case in point: Despite removing his catalog from Spotify earlier this month, the singer has premiered a brand-new single on that very platform. Listen to “Stare” below:

Previously, Prince pulled his music from Spotify, Apple Music and Rdio; however, it remained on Tidal and Google Play Music, which both require subscriptions. What’s more, he’s tweeted several links in recent memory that could be indicative of his dissatisfaction with the current business model. Nevertheless, the singer didn't balk at promoting “Stare” as a Spotify exclusive.

“Stare” definitely sounds like a new cut from Prince’s upcoming LP, The Hit & Run Album. His band, 3rdEyeGirl, offered this applicable description of the album: “It’s super funky. It’s weird, there’s a lot of experimental sound.” What’s more, they said the album is dedicated to “super hardcore Prince fans that know every song he’s ever recorded,” and “Stare”’s built-in “Kiss” reference (hear it right around the 1:25 mark) would undoubtedly appeal to that audience.

Recently, Prince has also shared his standalone single, “Hardrocklover,” and a music video for his powerful ode, “Baltimore.”

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