Five days before the Oct. 29 release of Prince's memoir, The Beautiful Ones, comes a bombshell about its contents. According to a report, he opened up about his childhood, describing his parents' difficult divorce and that he suffered from seizures.

RadarOnline describes pages in The Beautiful Ones that were written in Prince's own handwriting, where he described himself as "epileptic." “My brain has always been overactive and the blackouts would occur primarily from overthinking,” he wrote, adding that they caused him to "stare at everything in the house ... I’d lose myself in every object.”

But during one of these episodes, he added, he had a vision of what he said was an "angel," who told him that they would end. After that, Prince wrote, “I never had another seizure.”

Prince described his parents' divorce, which was finalized when the future star was 10, as “unusual” and “traumatic,” hinting at physical abuse. “The sound of your parents fighting is chilling when U’re a child,” he wrote. “If it happens 2 become physical, it can b soul-crushing.”

His mother, the former Mattie Shaw, tried to use their son as a peace-maker during their fights, coming into his bedroom: “She was crying but managed a smile & said, ‘Tell Ur father 2 be nice 2 me.' She held me up as a buffer so that he wouldn’t fight with her anymore.”

Prince admitted that watching the end of his parents' marriage affected his own relationships in the future. It led him to believe that there is “some part of your heart you should never give away. Because otherwise, I’ve seen it, there are times where you believe that’s it. And then you close yourself off to people."

Written with the help of journalist Dan Piepenbring, The Beautiful Ones was originally announced by Prince a month before his death. It's expected that the book will cover his life from his earliest childhood memory up to his performance at the Super Bowl halftime show in 2007.


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