Prince’s previously unheard acoustic demo version of “I Feel For You” has been released on streaming services, and is available for pre-order on vinyl for a limited amount of time.

The launch of the track marks the 40th anniversary of his self-titled second album, which arrived on Oct. 19, 1979 and included the original recorded version of “I Feel For You.” The vinyl single, which features the studio version on the B side, is available for pre-order for seven days before the production run is prepared. Delivery is anticipated in mid-January.

You can listen to the demo below:

“The special, stripped-down demo recording captures a 20-year-old Prince in a raw, intimate moment, and begins with the sound of the artist pressing the record button on a cassette tape recorder and picking up an acoustic guitar,” a statement on the website said. “The recording was created in the winter of 1978-1979, around the time Prince was preparing to make his solo debut at the Capri Theater in North Minneapolis, and it was recently rediscovered on one of the countless cassette tapes stored in his legendary vault.”

Of course, it was Chaka Khan’s 1984 take on “I Feel For You” that became the most successful, winning two Grammys and reaching No. 3 in the singles chart, helping her reinvigorate a career that had been on the wane for several years.

Although Prince readily admitted to being “a fan and a fanatic” of Khan’s work, their first meeting could have gone very badly wrong, as she recalled in 2016. “He called me at my hotel," she said. "I was and still am very good friends with Sly Stone. He knew that, I guess, 'cause he mimicked Sly's voice completely. I was completely fooled. He said 'This is Sly; I'm down at Electric Ladyland.' 'OK, I'll be right down!' And that's how he got me down to the studio. I get there and there's nobody there except for one little guy in this room with a guitar. And I said 'Do you know where Sly is?' He said to me, 'Hi, I'm Prince; I called you.' I was very pissed. And that's how we met.”

Chaka Khan - ‘I Feel For You’

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