Compatibility in the bedroom can be a tricky matter for anybody in a romantic relationship – even Prince, if the lyrics of "Blue Light" are to be believed.

The reggae-influenced track from 1992's adventurous Love Symbol album, which features some lovely saxophone work from longtime collaborator Eric Leeds, finds our hero worried that his partner has lost her sense of adventure in the bedroom.

It seems things aren't as wild as they were when he first met this unknown lover: "You say you wish I was shy / I always take a simple thing and push it way too far / But baby, that's the problem with you and I / You say not in public but I say in the car."

Apparently his embarrassment is so great he's resorted to lying about it. "I tell each and every one of my friends / That the love we make is really pretty rude / But they don't believe me cause it's written all over my face / Like Evian and the deep blue sea / You and me we got different tastes."

It doesn't seem as though Prince was suffering too horribly, as he continually lightens the mood with joking asides such as "I'll be 117.... and you'll be still sayin' baby not tonight," and "It's easy to see us on the cover of a magazine / 'Double heart attack, couple both die in a fight.'" 

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The "Love Symbol" album is dominated lyrically by a who-knows-how-fictionalized chronicle of Prince and future wife Mayte Garcia's courtship. But there are several reasons to think (and hope) she wasn't the inspiration for this particular song. According to Prince Vault "Blue Light" was initially tracked on May 12, 1991, less than a year after the then 16-year-old Garcia first met Prince while he was on his Nude tour in Germany, celebrating his 32nd birthday.

Secondly, if the narrative timeline of the album is to be trusted, according to "The Morning Papers," Prince was still debating whether or not to give his heart to someone so young, having not yet succumbed to the inevitable rapturous union detailed in "Eye Wanna Melt With U."

Thirdly, whether we wanted to or not, we know now the exact day Mayte lost her virginity - and if the bedroom difference of opinion detailed in "Blue Light" actually did happen, it did so about two years before she was even in the game.

As she reveals in her book The Most Beautiful: My Life With Prince, a few months after her 19th birthday, her future husband instructed her to start taking birth control. "A week or so later I wrote in bold in my journal: February 9, 1993 - not a virgin. And I drew a winkey smiley face. Patience pays off."

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