Prince fans will never get to walk in the music icon’s shoes, but thanks to a new clothing release, they will be able to wear his legendary trench coat - or something pretty damn close to it.

Toronto fashion designers Cathy Robinson and Lori Marcuz - known by their studio name Call & Response - have created a new line of apparel inspired by Prince’s seminal album, 1999.

“For us, this is a true collaboration,” explained Robinson, who spent several years creating custom apparel for Prince prior to the singer’s death. “We have infused what we understood of Prince through the eyes of 1999. We are not trying to make costume, but wearable clothing with a nod between the Prince we knew and the one that came before.”

While the collection includes various vests, tunics and jackets, the most exciting item is arguably the trench coat. Prince turned the item into an iconic fashion statement in the ‘80s, initially donning the look on the Dirty Mind album cover before switching to what would become his trademark bright purple version in the music video for “1999.”

"One cannot design for Prince without appreciating nuance and history. Prince's purple trench coat was a rebel call to the eighties,” noted the designers in the description of their new 1999 inspired coat.

Made of leather, the body-length purple trench is embossed with paisley print, a nod to Prince’s penchant for the distinctive pattern. The coat also features square studding on the right shoulder, a detail the Purple One displayed on some of his most recognizable jackets.

The new line of 1999 apparel was commissioned by the Prince Estate and is available for purchase here. The clothing collection coincides with the album’s highly anticipated reissue.

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