Alfred Jackson, Prince’s older half-brother and one of six siblings who inherited the music icon's fortune, died in his sleep Thursday morning at his home in Kansas City, Missouri.

Foul play is not suspected in the death, according to a report from TMZ. Though Jackson and Prince had different fathers, they shared the same mother, Mattie Della Baker.

In the book Possessed: The Rise and Fall of Prince, former drummer Charles Smith identified Jackson as a “musically talented” individual who “sang along to his large collection of James Brown records with fervor.” Author Alex Hahn went on to surmise that Jackson was one of Prince’s early musical influences.

Jackson was one of the first family members to speak out after Prince’s untimely death in 2016. "He was so busy on the road because he had so many engagements with his music," Jackson told Entertainment Tonight, admitting that he hadn’t spoken to the singer in 15 years. "So, he had to travel, all around the world. I always saw him on television, read the magazines, and said, 'There's my brother, Prince.' I was so happy he was making it for himself, I really was."

"I miss my brother, because my brother was everything in the world to me," Jackson went on to declare. "God bless Prince, God bless the world. He's a legend, he really is."

Jackson’s death may add a new wrinkle in the ongoing turmoil surrounding Prince’s estate. After the musician’s passing, dozens of people stepped forward as potential heirs. The issue was complicated by the fact that Prince did not leave a will. Jackson was identified as one of six siblings who had claim to the singer’s estate, but an official valuation and distribution remains tied up in court. Despite their continued disagreements, the siblings have managed to secure business deals for the posthumous release of Prince material.


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